Japanese style in Nolly's view!!

You want to know "Real Japanese style"... eh? I'll show you what is the real Japanese style on my report.Hope you have fun!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a Kanji Character "変=hen" that meaning includes "change" and "strange".
This Kanji character is wrote by head priest of Kiyomizu temple at Kyoto.

The Kanji of the year is a kanji chosen by the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society (財団法人日本漢字能力検定協会 Zaidan hōjin Nihon Kanji Nōryoku kentei kyōkai) through a national ballot in Japan. The character with the most votes is selected to represent the events of that year, and is announced in a ceremony on December 12 (Kanji Day) at Kiyomizu Temple.

The "変" character are symbolic of a climatic change, success of Mr.Obama and ironical meaning that easy to change prime Minster of Japan.

We want to change among good way next year.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

I went to Hiroshima last weekend.
One of Purpose was to visit Hiroshima Peace memorial park.
As you know,
Hiroshima was first place where got Atomic bomb during World War 2.
There are monuments, documents and materials in the museum and park.
I visited there and saw materials in there.


The 6 August 1945 nuclear explosion was almost directory above this building.
The building had many windows. Those windows were broken by strong blast.
And then, the bomb blast went through into the building.
That’s why; it was able to keep standing after explosion.

The otherwise most of building (include house) was broken down.
Many people were crushed to death or cannot move at all under the felled house or buildings.
People who failed to escape were dead by big fire.

I read many memorandums in museum that was described by people who were in Hiroshima at that time.
There were many sad stories.
I can’t easy to explain by word that my feeling so much as Japanese.
I got special feeling. I’m sure it has been important experience for my life.
If you have any chance to come to Japan, I recommend you visiting to there.

We have some nuclear in the world that can be broken our Earth.
We have to think about why we need nuclear in our life.
Nobody wants to lose smile. Nobody wants to lose lovers by war.
As you know, there are still needless fights in somewhere.
I want to they think about war again, does it really need or not.
Just we want to everyone is smile everyday…..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cram picking

We went clam picking to near seaside from my town.
We got many clams.
I know what you want you say!
My clams is not much than every one!
I chose only big clams! I got small clams too.
however I returned them to sea.
As you know, small clam means baby!
that's why!!
Oh, I am kind girl! hehehe :P
I hope baby clams can be big,
and someday I will pick them up(^^)/.

There are many people in the beach.
Because it was public holiday.

In addition, it was during Golden week!!

Everywhere so crowded.
It is crazy Tokyo style(^^;)

They enjoyed picking clams individually.
Some parents lost child when they concentrate to pick clams too much.
The administer announced for finiding parents .

the dinner time of next day,
those clams changed delicious MISO-SOUP.

hummmm yam yam yam....(^^)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Wedding Party

It was my friends wedding party!!

The bride is one of my special friends.

She and we have related from high school.

We have a party every month since graduated.

We love to chat each other while having a party.

We share happy every time.

Them wedding party was so nice.

It was funny, cute, sweet and emotionaly.

Japanese don't dance during party time, normaly.

But it have special occation traditionaly. It is that bride read thanks letter to her parents.

Usually, we emotion and then cry when bride is reading letter.

it's not sad, just feel her mide and her parents mind.

Bride of my friend's letter is also awesome.
I'm proud of her!
I'm sure, they will be happy more and more!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Long time no show-up!!

Hello, This is Nolly.
I made up this web-site before, but I didn't keep up date.
If I can say an excuse, I was busy....and I forgot how to log-in this site....
But now, I remember it finaly!!
I try to up-date more.
Thank you for coming my web-site.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Have you ever seen “Daibutsu”?
It’s a big statue of Buddha. There are some Daibutsu in Japan.
There is one of them near my house. It takes about 1hour by car from my house.
I went there after long time with my friends when he visited me from a long distance.

It was made by bronze. His height is 11.3m. and is the second largest monument statue in Japan after Todaiji in Nara.
The biggest Japanese religion might be Buddhist, I guess.
However most of Japanese don’t have strong faith too much. I don’t know well. Such my faith is not so strong. Because…. I want to enjoy the Christmas Party and I also want to congratulate it in Shinto shrine at the new year. We can enjoy the every religion. Is it bad idea?

I like “Daibutsu”.
I can’t explain why I like it. But if you meet him, you will come to like him, too.
Because of he is a kind of God? 
Anyway, We are healed by him anytime. Don’t you think so?

Monday, August 07, 2006

This is my job!!

Hi guys, Long time no see!!
I’m sorry; I’m bad owner of web-blog. I was busy recently and I’m lazy as you know……
But now, I’m an energetic for making it, so don’t be mad at me

Anyway, I’m going to tell about my job.

I’m working at student affaire’s office of Women’s University in Japan.
One of My jobs is paperwork to the scholarship application from the students.
The other job is helping student who want to go to study abroad.

My school has some sister’s schools in overseas. One of them is in Manitoba province in Canada.
A couple days ago, some students left for Canada.
They are the first students that I followed a procedure.
My job might have succeeded if they were satisfied when they came back.
I throb when thinking about it. I want them to do wonderful experience like me in Canada.

I’ll show you these are my office.
Our school just started summer vacation from today.
It's very quiet in school, because the students are few and co-workers are also taking vacation.
Usually, a lot of co-workers are working here. And a lot of students come here for various reasons.

What do you think this Japanese office? I don’t know well, is it different between the other office in overseas. There are many documents and files in here. Do you look tight so that here may work?

This is my desk.

When I find free time, I enjoy the internet. I pretended to be busy when I do it.
Because, I’m bad employee as you know. Hehehe.

Well well well,
I promise you, I’ll try to keep making this do my best!

Thank you