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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Japanese Vending Machene.vol1.

Hey hey hey!Good morning my bady!

Today,I'm gonna show you "Japanese Vending Machene" vol.1.

I think, it's different from the other country one.

You can find the vending machene everywhere,if you are in Japan.
When I was in Canada,I didn't find the vending machene in the town easily.Don't you thik so?It's only me?

There are many kind of Vending machene in Japan.
As you know,drinks like a this picture,small snacks,train tickets,
and we also can buy cigarettes,beers....and so on.

This picture is Vending machene of CokaCola as you know.
We can use to pay by bills for get the drink.it's common thing in Japan.

and one more different things,you can chose "Hot or Cold"drinks.
This function is very useful for me,especialy winter time.
The company deside how many hot and cold drinks in the Vending machene at the every season.

Tommorow,I'm gonna show you "Vending machene of cigaretts".


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