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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Japanese Vending Machene.vol.2

Today,I show "Japanese Vending Machine vol.2"!

It's a vending machine for cigarette!
Aren't you unbelievable it?

We also can buy cigarette via vending machine everywhere as easy as drink one.

The NON-smorker population are incleasing than before,I guess.or hope so.
But Smorkers can still smork most of area.
of course,we have no-smorking area like the stations.
I mean,people can smork in the building espcialy food area!
I hate this system!
The restaurant has 2kind of area,for smorker and non-smorker by 70% and 30% maybe.It depend on.
The pub doesn't have no-smorking area usually,it's great opptunity for smorker and owner of pub.

Be course of best muching for smorker to drink alchole.
you know,I don't care who smork cigarette beside me.
However,There are smork toooooooo much espcialy in the pub!!

So,I liked to go to drink coffee or alchol in Canada!

Next,you wanna know how much cigarette in Japan eh?
As right side photo,It's a 300yen per box that in 20 cigarettes like a import one.
Original Japanese cigarettes may less than 300yen.

it means 3$ per a box.

The price of cigarette is 7$ or more in Canada eh?
so,my friends who is smorker and live in Canada are envy us,I guess.How about you guys?

In the fact,
The machine gives some information of descrive.
check the last picture,

the yellow sigh mean,"we don't sell cigarettes to the under the age.We are going to change this machine to that can reccoganize of ID at 2008."

the middle of sign is meaning,
"This machine doesn't work from 11pm to 5am"

The last sign is.....you easy to guess,
"As you know,it's illegality who smork cigarette,under the 20years old."

What do you think about this?
and....can you understand my English?
you can ask me,if you have part of no understanding.
I hope ,you were interested in this.


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Great Jog Nolly! -Sam ...Toronto

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