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Thursday, May 04, 2006


It's such a lovely photo!Don't you think?

The Japanese name for this flower is "SAKURA" .
As you know,The word Sakura means "Cherry Blossoms".

and it's also a Japanese national flower.

I think, most of japanese love this flower.
We have some reasons.
One of them,SAKURA is symbol of coming the spring.so we can feel spring and happy to warm.

and, another reason is beautifull looking to fall flower leaves.

then,one of big reason is "HANAMI" particularly for me.hehehe.

"HANAMI" is the Japanese traditional costom of enjoying the beauty of flowers.

We have a party under the tree like a picnick or BBQ.
we are eating,chatting,dancing,singing(KARAOKE) and drinking alchol to enjoy the SAKARA.

Were you surprized it?
Yes,We can drink alchol in the pubric space under the sky!
It's awesome!if you come to Japan,let's try!!

I took those pictures at first of April in the Park of Odawara Castle.
There are many party of family in the park.
Every one really enjoyed HANAMI.


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