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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Golden Week

Have you ever heard "The Golden Week"?
What do you think it?

such as sounds good eh?

The end of April though around May 7th called "The Golden Week" in Japan.
Some holiday are gathering in this week.

April 29th.= Green day (the birth of previous emperor"Shouwa Ten-no-" then the name will change "Shouwa day" from 2007)

May 3rd.= Constitution Memorial Day.

May 4th.=Holiday for Japanese(Between day. then this day will chenge Green day instead of April 29th.)

May 5th.=Children's Day, also known as Boy's Day
[as you know May 1st. is May-Day.however it's not publick holiday in Japan unfotunatly.]
You can see this equation!!
"Those holiday" + "week end" = "Consective holiday about 5 to 9days"= As Golden Week!

We can get are how many holidays that depend on year.

Then this one of big holidays are plesure days for busy Japanese bee.
Most of people go back to home town to see family or go to trip(around Japan or abroad).
So every sightseeing spot crowded completery.also Air plain, Train station andhighway overflow with people and car at this time.Most of road toward enjoy place make long taffic jam.

Ofcause I also get these holidays in this year.
I worked in servise indastry before long time.I had need to work when the busiest day whole of the year.
It's first time of my life.
I was at loss what should I do!
I hate crowdly spase and trafic jums.but it happen everywhere!!
and also,trance portation fee and accomadation price are more expencive than normal days.
That's so bad for me.
I had taken vacation to stagger instead of Golden Week before.
Therefore I colud get cheep and peacfull travel every after Golden Week.
I didn't go away in this year but I got relaxing time with my dog near my house.
That was not so bad for me.
She loves me more than Camera so....I can't take her face...


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