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Friday, May 12, 2006

KOINOBORI for Children's day.

Let's think about this!!
Can you imagine what is that for?

This is "the KOINOBORI".
"The KOINOBORI" is ran up at the around Golden Week like a flag.
It's a traditional event to celebrate Children espcialy for BOYs by putting up Carp streamers.

The word "KOI" means "Carp of fish".
The carp is talked about swiming up the waterfall by people since long time ago.
It sounds like very strong,then people hope the children grow up strong like them.
Then People rais up "KOINOBORI" with all of perents's heart for children.

I went to My sister's house at May 6th with my dad ,another sister and her baby.
My sister has 2 sons and a daughter.
They are so cute!
But one of son who is 4years old, forget my name sometimes.....
Oneday I got to shock super much when I heard that He asked my dad about me "where is FAT auntie?" .

........Oh my ........(>_<)

Anyway I hope he memorize my name .....


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