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Monday, August 07, 2006

This is my job!!

Hi guys, Long time no see!!
I’m sorry; I’m bad owner of web-blog. I was busy recently and I’m lazy as you know……
But now, I’m an energetic for making it, so don’t be mad at me

Anyway, I’m going to tell about my job.

I’m working at student affaire’s office of Women’s University in Japan.
One of My jobs is paperwork to the scholarship application from the students.
The other job is helping student who want to go to study abroad.

My school has some sister’s schools in overseas. One of them is in Manitoba province in Canada.
A couple days ago, some students left for Canada.
They are the first students that I followed a procedure.
My job might have succeeded if they were satisfied when they came back.
I throb when thinking about it. I want them to do wonderful experience like me in Canada.

I’ll show you these are my office.
Our school just started summer vacation from today.
It's very quiet in school, because the students are few and co-workers are also taking vacation.
Usually, a lot of co-workers are working here. And a lot of students come here for various reasons.

What do you think this Japanese office? I don’t know well, is it different between the other office in overseas. There are many documents and files in here. Do you look tight so that here may work?

This is my desk.

When I find free time, I enjoy the internet. I pretended to be busy when I do it.
Because, I’m bad employee as you know. Hehehe.

Well well well,
I promise you, I’ll try to keep making this do my best!

Thank you


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi are you married?
I live in Saskatchewan maybe come vist sometime,

8:13 PM  

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