Japanese style in Nolly's view!!

You want to know "Real Japanese style"... eh? I'll show you what is the real Japanese style on my report.Hope you have fun!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Wedding Party

It was my friends wedding party!!

The bride is one of my special friends.

She and we have related from high school.

We have a party every month since graduated.

We love to chat each other while having a party.

We share happy every time.

Them wedding party was so nice.

It was funny, cute, sweet and emotionaly.

Japanese don't dance during party time, normaly.

But it have special occation traditionaly. It is that bride read thanks letter to her parents.

Usually, we emotion and then cry when bride is reading letter.

it's not sad, just feel her mide and her parents mind.

Bride of my friend's letter is also awesome.
I'm proud of her!
I'm sure, they will be happy more and more!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Long time no show-up!!

Hello, This is Nolly.
I made up this web-site before, but I didn't keep up date.
If I can say an excuse, I was busy....and I forgot how to log-in this site....
But now, I remember it finaly!!
I try to up-date more.
Thank you for coming my web-site.