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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

I went to Hiroshima last weekend.
One of Purpose was to visit Hiroshima Peace memorial park.
As you know,
Hiroshima was first place where got Atomic bomb during World War 2.
There are monuments, documents and materials in the museum and park.
I visited there and saw materials in there.


The 6 August 1945 nuclear explosion was almost directory above this building.
The building had many windows. Those windows were broken by strong blast.
And then, the bomb blast went through into the building.
That’s why; it was able to keep standing after explosion.

The otherwise most of building (include house) was broken down.
Many people were crushed to death or cannot move at all under the felled house or buildings.
People who failed to escape were dead by big fire.

I read many memorandums in museum that was described by people who were in Hiroshima at that time.
There were many sad stories.
I can’t easy to explain by word that my feeling so much as Japanese.
I got special feeling. I’m sure it has been important experience for my life.
If you have any chance to come to Japan, I recommend you visiting to there.

We have some nuclear in the world that can be broken our Earth.
We have to think about why we need nuclear in our life.
Nobody wants to lose smile. Nobody wants to lose lovers by war.
As you know, there are still needless fights in somewhere.
I want to they think about war again, does it really need or not.
Just we want to everyone is smile everyday…..


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