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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cram picking

We went clam picking to near seaside from my town.
We got many clams.
I know what you want you say!
My clams is not much than every one!
I chose only big clams! I got small clams too.
however I returned them to sea.
As you know, small clam means baby!
that's why!!
Oh, I am kind girl! hehehe :P
I hope baby clams can be big,
and someday I will pick them up(^^)/.

There are many people in the beach.
Because it was public holiday.

In addition, it was during Golden week!!

Everywhere so crowded.
It is crazy Tokyo style(^^;)

They enjoyed picking clams individually.
Some parents lost child when they concentrate to pick clams too much.
The administer announced for finiding parents .

the dinner time of next day,
those clams changed delicious MISO-SOUP.

hummmm yam yam yam....(^^)


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